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Photographs from the 1860s
Unidentified subject, 1865.
(Terence Allen)
From left to right: Caroline (Green) Swift, Margaret Merrill, Charles Stackpole, Kate (Green) Beaumont and Sophia Dow. Identified on the back as Bowton College (ME) Commencement, 1864. (Nora Swift Egliht) Mary Elizabeth (Kromer) Bush, 1867. (Roy Clement)
Sibbs Leech, 1860. (Louise Rustad) Sibbs Richard Leech, 1860. (Louise Rustad) Emma Bassett Leech, 1860. (Louise Rustad)
Robert Henry Morris, 1863 on his wedding day. (Kathleen Maher) Tom and Mary (Bassett) Liddle, 1866. (Louise Rustad) Lafayette A. McNabb, 1868, 3rd Kentucky Mounted Infantry, C.S.A. (Bruce Burkeen)
Unidentified subject, 1865. (Terence Allen) Unidentified subjects, 1865. (Terence Allen) Mabel Hubbard, 1860. (LoC)
Martha Ellen Bacon, 1863 on her wedding day. (Kathleen Maher) H.H. Fage, 1862. Photographer Rufus Anson. (LoC) Augusta Currie Bradhurst Field, 1862. Photographer Rufus Anson. (LoC)


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