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Photographs from the 1870s
Daniel Lewis family, Portland, OR, 1879. (Linda Evans) Carl Schurz, 1877. Photographer M.B. Brady. (LoC) Unidentified subject, 1870. (Terence Allen)
Wedding day photograph, 1872. (Jane Hopkinson) Unidentified subjects, 1870. (Terence Allen) Unidentified subject, 1870. (Terence Allen)
Isaiah Ragan and family, 1877. (Michael W. Ragan) George Curzon. From a photograph by Hills and Saunders, Eton. (Strand) F.C. Selous, 1870. From a photograph by Mondel and Jacob, Wiesbaden. (Strand)
Albert Bierstadt, 1870. (LoC) Thomas Moorshead, between 1872 and 1879. (Halvor Moorshead) Jane Hading, age 15, 1878. From a photograph by Fabre, Marseilles. (Strand)
William Quiller Orchardson, 1870. From a photograph by Walery, Marseilles. (Strand) Geroge Wyndham Kennion, 1879. From a photograph by Hills and Saunders, Oxford. (Strand)


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