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Photographs from the 1880s
Alton Clark, age 23, 1880.
(Eugene Clark)
Frank Henry Matteson, 1886. (Karen Ellsworth) Sallie Spink (standing) with child Olive, mother and grandmother, 1888. (Robert Cheesman)
The Nelson family, 1888.
(Elsa Moberg Gilliland)
Edgar Elsworth Coulter and Mary Elizabeth Cronk on wedding day, 1887. (Sandy Coulter) Sophia Spiller Smith Sutton, between 1882 and 1884. (Sandy Coulter)
George Smith and family, 1885. (Sandy Coulter) William Henry Marshall and family, 1881. (Elaine Macey) Pearl and Alexander Robertson, 1887.
(Dorothy Woliung)
Sarah Fountain Matteson 1886. (Karen Ellsworth)
Agnes Bayne (Thompson), 1886. (Tom Bayne) The Reeve family, Norfolk, England, 1885. (Jill Jones)
The Marshall and West families, Essex County, NY, 1884. (Elaine Macey)


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