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Photographs from the 1890s
1894. East London, South Africa. Emma and George Morris, 1898. (Kathleen Maher)
Philip and Mary (Schmidt) Miller and family, 1896. (Jeannette Wynne) Squire and Emma Fernley, 1895. (Louise Rustad)
Lewis family, 1892. (Linda Evans) Gunter family, 1897. (Betsy Gunter Johnson)
Assumption Catholic Girls School, St. Paul, MN, 1893. (Lynne Slater) Delilah Fowler Duree, 1897. (Eleanor Duree)
Family of Gulbrand Gulbrandson Raastad (with beard), 1896. He was killed by a bull in 1896 and it is believed that this family portrait was taken after his death. (Ken Harper) Alfred and Arthur Leech in the uniform of Hampshire Volunteers with father Sibbs in background, 1897. (Louise Rustad)
David Evans family, ND, 1890. (Linda Evans) Patrick J. Regan family, 1899. (Kathleen Maher)
Albert Duree, 1897. (Eleanor Duree)


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