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Photographs from the 1900s
James Prince and Catherine Elizabeth Burkeen, about 1900. (Bruce Burkeen) Jenny Skille, Olive Gallager, Helen Anderson, 1900. (Linda J. Libician)
Audrey, 1907. (Jane Hopkinson)
Claggett Children, 1905. (Robert Claggett) The King family, 1907. (Jane Hopkinson) Four generations; baby is Caroline Cotter, 1905. (Roxanne Davis)
William Scott on the St. John, NB, Harbour Pilot Boat, 1909. (Tom Bayne) James W. Woods and family, Blaney, SC, 1904. (Teddy L. Roberson Jr.)
Unidentified subjects, Lake Ontario, 1900. (Robert Cheesman) Arthur and Elizabeth (Saunders) Leech, Saskatchewan, 1897. (Louise Rustad)
Charles Edward and Robert Andrew Strober, 1907. (Elizabeth Jastram) Florence and William Otterson, 1906.
(Mary Scheel)
Annie, Mabel and Lena Parker with Mabel’s daughter, 1900. (Robert Cheesman)
William Harold Husk, 1908.
(Linda J. Libician)
Ferdinand and Ida-Marie Schell, 1980.
(Mary Schell)
Oscar Munro Moberg (child) with mother, grandmother and great grandmother, 1909. (Elsa Moberg Gilliland)
Mabel (Crossman) Colpitts, 1910. (Donald F. Colpitts) The Eastwood family taken outside of Kenesaw, NE, 1901. (Al Calkins)
Albert Duree, 1897. (Eleanor Duree)


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