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Forensic Genealogy

by Colleen Fitzpatrick, PhD

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Paperback (includes CD)
220 pages

In Forensic Genealogy, Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick shows that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to get the most from your genealogical materials. In the same way that the medical and law enforcement communities rely on forensic techniques to solve cases, genealogists too rely on forensic approaches to solve problems in genealogy research. Three main areas of importance to genealogists are are covered: Photographs, Databases and DNA. The accompanying CD supplements the information found in the book. Included are higher resolution color versions of the photos found in the chapter The Digital Detective as well as premade spreadsheets for calculating the time of day and the day of the year when a picture was taken, based on the size of a shadow relative to the size of the object creating it, and the latitude of the location where it was taken. For Database Detectives, excerpts are given from a range of unusual databases. Also included are interactive DNA spreadsheets that allow you to see the effects of varying the parameters for Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) calculations, and much more. The references provided at the end of each chapter are also given on this CD.

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