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Finding the CIVIL WAR
in Your Family Album

by Maureen Taylor

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Maureen Taylor, the Photo Detective, turns her attention to portraits and pictures taken in the Civil War era to help you find wartime stories in your family photo collection. These images, whether it's a man in uniform or a woman posing with her children, tell the story of your family's involvement in a critical period of history. If you're not sure if your photo dates from that timeframe, this book will help you determine when it was taken.

Each chapter offers tips to help you decipher details and piece together family lives during that tumultuous period. Identifying and analyzing Civil War era pictures means studying the evidence photographer's work dates, clothing, tax stamps and military dress. Soldiers' uniforms and personal mementoes can tell you which unit they served with and send you on a search for military documents. The type of clothing worn by women and children may reveal a death in the family. A single revenue stamp on the back of a photo can date an image to a specific month, day and year. If you find a picture of a famous Civil War hero in your family album, you'll find out why he's there. Don't own a photo of your Civil War
ancestor? Follow Taylor's techniques
for locating a portrait.

7" x 10", 192 Pages. Soft cover.

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