Introduction to Genealogy
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Family Chronicle's Introduction to Genealogy is targeted at newcomers to genealogy. The 184-page book contains over 50 editorial features written to answer the often heard question "I'm interested in starting my research, but where do I start?" If you're just getting started, the Introduction to Genealogy can help you get started on the right foot!

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First Things First
Halvor Moorshead describes how to begin your research.

Genealogy and History
Robert W. Marlin looks at the connection between genealogy and world history.

Top 10 Genealogy Books
Ron Wild presents the picks of library managers, book publishers and distributors.

Finding Your Vital Records
Tips on dealing with documents and searching for certificates by Robert W. Marlin.

My Fourth Vital Record
Robert W. Marlin explains the importance of city directories.

Census Research
Beverly (Smith) Vorpahl looks at this favorite genealogical resource.

Court Records
Sylvia Letvak Jaffe explains what can be found in court records.

Church Records
"Dear Myrtle" examines the records with the longest pedigree.

Austro-Hungarian Empire
Benelux Countries
Denmark and Iceland
England and Wales
Finland and Sweden
Greece and the Balkans
Russian Empire
Spain and Portugal

Passenger Ship Lists
Robert W. Marlin recommends a trip back to the old world via passenger ship lists.

Naturalization Records
What can be found in these often overlooked records.

Donna Potter-Phillips shows how to use obituaries to bring ancestral memories to lfe.

From the Known to the Unknown
Ron Wild shares the best genealogical lesson he ever learned.

Organizing Materials
Beverly (Smith) Vorpahl shares her tips on how to keep your records organized.

Genealogy Charts
Two charts to photocopy.

The Family History Library
Ron Wild discusses a good place to start and continue ancestral research.

Library Preparation
Dawne Slater-Putt offers tips on making the most of a visit to the library.

Major Sources
Ron Wild profiles the most important sources of genealogical information.

Preserving Family Collections
How to care for your precious family heirlooms.

Newspaper Research
What you can find out about your ancestors in the newspaper.

Ten Common Mistakes
Halvor Moorshead describes common errors made by beginners.

Hiring a Professional
Donna Potter-Phillips tells when and how to employ a professional genealogist.

Writing a Family History
Dawne Slater-Putt offers her advice on how best to compose a family history.

Family Photographs
David Mishkin offers some advice on handling and preserving these family treasures.

Computers for Genealogy
Jeff Chapman describes what to look for in a computer system.

Getting Online
Richard S. Wilson offers an introduction to getting on the Internet.

Online Subscription Services
Jeff Chapman compares the value of the major online genealogical databases.

Genealogy Websites Worth Surfing
A list of 25 excellent websites for the beginner.

Genealogy Software Primer
Jim Byram describes the key features to look for in genealogy software.

Which Program Should I Buy?
Jim Byram analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the major software packages.

Genealogical Databases
Richard S. Wilson takes a look at the information available on CD-ROM and the Internet.

Using Usenet
Jeff Chapman discusses the benefits of using newsgroups for genealogy.

Mailing Lists
The benefits of using e-mail-based discussion groups for genealogy are described by Jeff Chapman.

Preserving Our Heritage
Dan Galloway offers advice on capturing and passing on family stories on videotape.

Interviewing Techniques
Sylvia Letvak Jaffe tells us how to conduct an effective interview.

Genealogical Societies
Donna Potter-Phillips explains the benefits of getting involved with genealogical societies.

Heraldry Fact and Fiction
Jeff Chapman offers some fundamental information on heraldry and heraldic myths.

The history of tartans with over 100 examples.


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