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Family Chronicle - The Agincourt Honor Roll, F-L

Note: Duplicate names indicate that this name was featured in the listings more than once. Capitalized names indicate that this individual led a retinue.

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Felde, John.
Fenes, James.
Ferro, Stephain.
Fitz-Hugh, Nicholas.
Fitz-hugh, Geffrey.
Fitz-hugh, William.
Fitzhenry, John.
Fitzhenry, Thomas.
Fitzhenry, Thomas.
Fitzhenry, Thomas.
Fitzhenry, Williarn.
Fitzhugh, Nicholas.
Fitzpayn, Thomas.
Fleecher, William.
Floureyne, John.
Folbroke John.
Folstolf, Edmond.
Fordet, Gryffen.
Fowler, William.
Fowne, Rauf.
France, B'rtram de.
Franceys, William.
Frodesham, Roger.
Frompton, John.
Fulshull, Richard.
Fythian or Fythiam, Richard.
Gamell, Degare.
Garrew, John.
Gawnfield, Robert.
Gayte, Nicholas.
Gaywode, John.
Gegge, John.
Genney, John.
Gerard, Henry.
Geryne, John.
Gifford, Thomas.
Glene, John.
Glouc, Thomas.
Gloucestre, John.
Glover, Thomas.
Glyspyn, Thomas.
Gode, William.
Goldyngham, Waut.
Gomond, Nicholas.
Grandorge, William de.
Gray, Andrew.
Gray, Davy.
Gray, George.
Gray, Henry.
Grene, William.
Gresele, Thomas.
Gronevyle, John.
Groos, Olyver.
Gryffen, Nicholas.
Gryffeth, Johll.
Gryffyth, John.
Gryffyth, Nicholas.
Gude, John.
Gulby, William.
Gunvyle, Nicholas.
Gwyn, William.
Gylle, John.
Gyrdeley, William.
Habraham, Richard.
Hagthrop, William.
Hakerle, Thomas.
Haket, Richard.
Haket, Waulter.
Hakett, Richard.
Haldenby, Richard.
Hall, John.
Halle, John.
Halnton, Thomas.
Halsast, William.
Halyday, Thomas.
Halys, Richard.
Hamby, Richard.
Hamond, Yon.
Hampton, John.
Hampton, Nieholas.
Hamys, Richard.
Handsacre, William.
Hanle or Hauley, Robert.
Hard, John.
Hardewyn, Thomas.
Hardgrove, John.
Hardy, Thomas.
Hardys, Edmund.
Hareford, John.
Harington, Richard.
Harington, Robert.
Harington, William.
Harpeden, John.
Hart, William.
Haseley, George.
Hastinges, Leonard.
Haule, Simon.
Haute, William.
Hawkan, Edward.
Haytefelde, John.
Hayton, Rauf de.
Haywode, Nicholas.
Heche or Leche, John le.
Helyon, Robert.
Hemnale Robert.
Herny, John.
Herny, William.
Heron, Edmond.
Heron, Edward.
Hesketh, Geffron de.
Hesketh, Gryffen de.
Heton, Robert de.
Hevenyngham, John.
Hillary, Robert.
Hoget, James.
Hogh, Christopher de.
Hokley, Thomas.
Holand, Nicholas.
Holdelyne, William.
Holeyns, William de.
Holgrane or Holgrave, John.
Holme, John.
Holme, John.
Holme, Robert.
Holt, William.
Holton John.
Holwyscont or Holwyscout, Thomas.
Hoo, Thomas.
Hopton, Robert.
Hornby, Owaine.
Horneby, Mayhew.
Horton, John.
Hoton, Henry.
Hoton, John.
Hoton, Robert de.
Hudelston, Riehard.
Hudelston, William.
Hudleston, William.
Huet, John.
Hunto, Robert.
Husee, Henry.
Huyn Gerard.
Hyde, William.
Hyde, William.
Hynton, John.
Johnson, Gerard.
Jonderell, Roger.
Judde, Thomas.
Junnyng, William.
Kay, John.
Kay, Roger.
Kelde, William.
Kelkenny, Henry.
Kelly, John.
Kempe, Richard.
Kemston, William.
Kemton, Richard.
Kendall, John.
Kertyngton, John.
Kighley, William de.
Kinge, John.
Kyghley, Richard.
Kyghley, William de.
Kylleryen, William.
Kynner, John.
Kynston, Robert.
Kyrkham, John.
Kyrkley, Richard.
Lacok, Robert.
Lampet, George.
Lamplough, Nicholas.
Lande, John de la.
Landelle, Nicholas.
Lary, Nicholas.
Laughton, George.
Laurence, William.
Layland, Richard.
Leche, John de.
Leddred, Henry.
Lee, William.
Leeke, Godefryd.
Leget, Thomas.
Legh, Piers de.
Legh, Randolf de.
Lelond, John de.
Leneny or Leveny, John.
Leventhorp, John.
Leventhorp, Robert.
Leylond, Triston.
Ligh, William de.
Lodewyke, Nicholl.
Londe, Henry.
Longesby, Robert.
Longshaw, John.
Louther, Hugh.
Louther, Richard.
Lovell, Nicholas.
Lovell, Thomas.
Lovell, William.
Lowdsop, William.
Lowther, Geffrey.
Loyrn, John.
Lucas, John.
Lucombe, John.
Lychebarow, Thomas.
Lye, Richard.
Lyndeley, John.
Lyndeley, Nicholas.
Lyndeley, Thomas.
Lyske, Robert.
Lytell, Richard.

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