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Family Chronicle cover Current Issue: March/April 2014

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The Kelsey Collaboration
Jackie Feldman details her efforts to overcome problems encountered while researching her UK-born great-grandfather

"Dial G for Genealogy"
David A. Norris examines telephone numbers and directories and how you can use these to fill gaps in your family history

Beyond the Book: Family History Jigsaw Puzzles
In part two of her series, Janice Nickerson looks at innovative ways to share your family history

Case Studies and Why You Should Read Them
George G. Morgan looks at why case studies are important to genealogists, but also how they should be structured

Genealogy in a Flash
Smiljka Kitanovic gets a surprise opportunity to relive some of the history in her father's childhood town in Serbia

Researching the Early Czech Immigrant Community of Cleveland, Ohio
Scott Phillips enightens us on three new resources that help to illustrate what life was like for Czech immigrants in the 1890s

Finding Ernest Joseph Hermann's Hometown
Robin Bailey dons her sleuthing hat and answers many questions about her grandfather's life, but many more questions remain

Canadians Exploring Their Jewish Roots
Debra L. Doppelt Karplus gives Canadian family history researchers a basic overview of how to research their Jewish ancestors

Genealogy and Your Baby
Rick Norberg examines the growing popularity of combining genetic counseling and genealogy research to help better understand how hereditary diseases may affect the look of our family trees in the futrue

Gathering the Family!
Kellie Jensen offers some ideas for getting your family, from near and far, together for a reunion

The Back Page
Dave Obee warns us to be careful with what we throw away!



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