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A Trip to the Past
Anne Paye took a journey that brought her together with her deceased ancestors.
November/December 1997
Ancestor as a Private Person, The
Advice on how to convert your lists of names and dates into detailed and interesting family histories, from Terrick FitzHugh's classic book How to Write a Family History.
The Family Chronicle Collection
Bringing Your Ancestor to Life
Tips on extracting family history from the pages of newspapers.
July/August 1998
Cooking Up a Family History
A Cincinnati woman combined her family history with old recipes and is sharing them with others.
The Family Chronicle Collection
Family History Kept Bottled Up
Sleeman's President John Sleeman discovered that brewing is in his blood.
The Family Chronicle Collection
Family Reunions
Lots of work goes into planning the annual gathering of the Callaway Family.
Not Available
Family Trees are Best Untrimmed
What do you do with those hours of videotaped family interviews? Steven Strauss shares his thoughts.
Not Available
Genealogy and Life Defining Moments
Beverly (Smith) Vorpahl recalls the moments when she felt closest to the past.
September/October 1998
Genealogy Bug, The
Linda Gaylord-Kuhn admits that sometimes we get overly absorbed in our hobby.
March/April 1998
Lyles Station
Todd Gould relates the history of a "negro colony" in Indiana.
July/August 1997
& The Family Chronicle Collection
Planning Your Research Trip
Joanne McCarthy gives some advice on how to plan your trip.
September/October 1998
Probable Character of Deborah Bachelor Wing, The
Beverly Wing attempts to reconstruct the character of her ninth-great-grandmother.
May/June 1998
Publishing Your History
You've done the research and it's time to get it published. Here are a few people who can help.
The Family Chronicle Collection
Rascals in the Family Tree
Sarah Sargent doesn't think we should be ashamed of mischevious ancestors.
November/December 1997
Tuning Into Genealogy
A look at what the Ancestors series on PBS has to offer, and how PBS is working to make the Ancestors experience more than passive viewing.
Not Available
Writing about Women Ancestors
Sharon DeBartolo Carmack describes how we can write about our female ancestors in this extract from her book Discovering Your Female Ancestors.
July/August 1998
Writing the Narrative
Terrick FitzHugh describes how to write a readable family history.
September/October 1998

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