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Agincourt Honor Roll, The
The story of this incredible battle of 1415 with a list of nearly 1,000 participants.
The Family Chronicle Collection
Cromwell's 1649 Settlement of Ireland
Ron Wild describes the eviction of the Catholics and the Protestant plantation settlements.
The Family Chronicle Collection
Golden Door, The
One hundred million North Americans have ancestors who passed through Ellis Island. Are you one of them?
The Family Chronicle Collection
Heraldry Today
Robert Watt, Chief Herald of Canada, discusses the history and myths of heraldry and describes why it still has relevance today.
January/February 1998
Indentured Servants
Ron Wild describes how a significant proportion of early immigrants did not come for a better life but were sent as cheap labor.
September/October 1997
Letters Home
A number of letters from the last century sent by new immigrants to the folks back home.
January/February 1998
Map of Boston 1890
How the city looked a 100 years ago.
September/October 1997
Mayflower, The
Are you descended from the Mayflower settlers? Millions of people are. Learn how to prove a link.
The Family Chronicle Collection
Memories of 1900
Now that the century is coming to an end, what was life like when it began?
The Family Chronicle Collection
A list of about 700 archaic (or little used) names for people's trades and occupations.
July/August 1997
& The Family Chronicle Collection
Odd Jobs & Old Jobs
A list of some old titles for various occupations
The Family Chronicle Collection
Petworth Emigrants, The
Although the trans-Atlantic passage was horrific for most poor people, a few wealthy benefactors tried to make conditions more humane.
September/October 1998
Slave Letters
Letters home from slaves who escaped to Canada describing their experiences.
November/December 1997
Spending Time In The Early 1900's
A decade-by-decade examination of the best bargains of the early 20th century.
The Family Chronicle Collection
Rush to the West, The
Richard L. Hooverson tells the story of the westward migration prior to the building of the railroads.
March/April 1998

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