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Acadian Roots
Denis Beauregard describes the troubled history of the Acadians.
November/December 1997
Auswanderers and Amerika
What inspired so many Germans to leave their home in favor of a land with a different language and culture in the late 19th century?
The Family Chronicle Collection
East European Primer
An introductory nation-by-nation guide to the records available for this extremely complex area of Europe.
The Family Chronicle Collection
English Genealogy
Almost half the people in the US and Canada have English roots. By Colin Chapman.
September/October 1997
English Land Records
Colin Chapman describes the information that can be obtained by looking at real estate records.
March/April 1998
English Public Records Office, The
Colin Chapman introduces the resources of the British national archives.
July/August 1998
French in North America, The
Ron Wild reminds us of the important role that the French made in the early history of the continent.
July/August 1998
German Line, Getting Started on Your
Shirley Reimer tells us how we can overcome language and other problems and begin our researches in Germany.
July/August 1998
Hispanic Roots in New Mexico
New Mexico was first settled by Europeans 400 years ago resulting in some very old and very interesting genealogy records. Robert Torrez explains.
March/April 1998
Holocaust Records
Many people believe that all records of Jews who died in the Holocaust were destroyed during the last days of the war. Robert W. Marlin tells us that more documentation survives than it commonly believed.
May/June 1998
Irish Records, New Found
An amateur genealogist has recently discovered invaluable records which form almost a census for 1831 Ireland!
January/February 1998
Irish Roots, Digging Up
What resources are available to the millions of North Americans with Irish ancestors?
The Family Chronicle Collection
Italian Exodus, The
The background and information you need to trace your Italian roots.
The Family Chronicle Collection
New Netherland
Jeff Chapman relates the history of this unhappy, short-lived colony. We also list over 1,500 of the settlers and their families whose descendants today number in the millions.
January/February 1998
Nordic Genealogy
What you need to know to begin to trace your family back to Norway, Sweden and/or Denmark.
May/June 1997
& The Family Chronicle Collection
Russian Roots
Vlad Soshnikov describes some of the records that are available to people with Russian, Ukrainian or Belarussian ancestors.
May/June 1998
Scottish Genealogy
Rosemary Bigwood tells us how to start tracing our Scottish ancestors.
July/August 1997
& The Family Chronicle Collection
Scottish Surnames, Origins of
Ron Dempsey tells us how family names developed in Scotland.
Family Chronicle Collection
The history and tradition of the tartan with examples of many popular patterns.
July/August 1997
& The Family Chronicle Collection
Colin Chapman describes the transportation of English convicts to America.
September/October 1998

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