Members of Quantrill's Raiders

Unfortunately there does not exist a definitive list of Quantrill's Provisional Raiders and this arises largely from the fluid nature of this quasi-official Confederate Army unit. Over the four years of its existence they grew from being a small group of southern sympathizer bandits and enjoyed great notoriety that brought more and more of their ilk to join them. Many of them were killed, many split off to join other groups but more and more joined or affiliated with them from time to time so they were very fluid. Towards the end of their existence when Union Army pressure focused on bringing them to justice after the Lawrence Massacre they scattered to the winds and only small bands continued to be active. The following is a list compiled from many sources that includes members of Quantrill's Provisional Raiders and others who joined them from time to time. Those who know of additional Raider members and wish to share them with us may do so by e-mailing Family Chronicle staffer Ron Wild and putting Quantrill in the subject line.

Akers Sylvester
Anderson Bill
Anderson Jim
Archie Bill
Archie Hugh
Atchison Bes
Baker John
Baker Valentin
Barbie Johnson
Barnhill John
Bassham Ike
Beard Frank
Beard William
Bell Thomas
Berry Ike
Berry Richard
Bishop Jack
Bisset James
Blackmore William
Bledsoe J.L.
Bledsoe William
Blunt Andrew
Blythe Theo
Bowles Jeptha
Brinker John
Brooks Samuel
Broomfield Benjamin
Brown Harvey
Buford Henry
Burns Richard
Burton Peter
Campbell Andrew
Campbell Doc
Carr William
Carrol Dolf
Castle Theo
Chatman John
Chiles Jim
Chiles Joel
Chiles Kit
Chiles Richard
Chiles William
Clayton George
Clayton James
Clement Archie
Clement Henry
Constable Sam
Corley Dock
Corum Alfred
Corum James
Coward Henry
Cravens Robert
Crawford Riley
Creek Abner
Creek Creth
Creek Sid
Crew Pate
Cummings Jim
Cunningham Ab
Daily George
Dalton Frank
Davenport William
Davis Joe
De Hart E.P.
Debenhorst Paul
Devers Arthur
Devers James
Donohoe James
Ellington Richard
Emery Jeff
Esters Joshua
Esters Unknown
Evans James
Farley Peter
Fickell Joseph
Finnegan Samuel
Fisher John
Flannery Si
Freeman Will
Fugitt Press
Fulton Thomas
Garrett Grosvenor
Garrett Unknown
Gaw William
George Gabriel
George Hicks
George Hiram
Gibson James
Gilchrist Joseph
Glassock Richard
Gordon Cy
Graham Jack
Graym Frank
Greenwood William
Gregg Frank
Grindstaff William
Groomer William
Guess Hiram
Hall George
Hall Isaac
Hall Joseph
Hall Robert
Hall Thomas
Hallar Ab
Haller William
Halley Unknown
Hamet Jesse
Hampton John
Hardin Joseph
Harris John
Harris Thomas
Harrison Ki
Hart Joe
Hays John
Hays Perry
Hays Upton
Hays William
Helms Polk
Helton David
Henaburg William
Hendricks James
Hickman Bill
Hill Tom
Hill Tuck
Hill Woot
Hinds James
Hink Edward
Hinton Otho
Hockensmith Clark
Hockensmith Henry
Holt John Col.
Holt Joseph
Holtzclaw Clifton
Hope John
Hotie Richard
House John
Hoy Perry
Hudspeth Babe
Hudspeth Rufus
Huffaker Moses
Hulse William
Jackson John
James Frank
James Jesse
James William
Jarrett John
Jenkins Snowy
Jessup Sam
Jobson Presley
Jobson Smith
Johnson Oliver
Johnson Richard
Johnson Socrates
Jones Payne
Kelly James
Kennedy David
Kennedy Sterling
Kerr Nathan
Key Foster
King Silas
Kinney Richard
Koger Edward
Koger John
Lee Albert
Lee Joseph
Lester Frank
Lewis Bart
Liddel A.J.
Lilly James
Lisle Marston
Litten Ling
Little James
Little John
Little Thomas
Long Payton
Lotspeach William
Luckett Unknown
Maddox George
Maddox Joe
Maddox Richard
Magruder Rezin
Majors Newt
Marshall Edward
Marshall James
Martinez Leon
Masterson Hiram
Mattox M.T.
Maupin John
Maupin Thomas
Maxwell Ambrose
Maxwell Thomas
McAninch Henry
McBurgis Unknown
McCorkle Job
McCorkle John
McCorkle Joshua
McGuire Andy
McGuire William
McIlvaine John
McMancane Sandy
McMurty Lee
McMurty Unknown
Mead Jacob
Miller Clell
Moody Jasper
Morris James
Morrow Ben
Morrow George
Morton Wade
Murray Plunk
Nagle Patrick
Ney Foss
Nicholson Arch
Nicholson Joseph
Noland Edward
Noland Henry
Noland William
O'Donnell Pat
Ogden Henry
Oliphant Newton
Parmer Allen
Parr Buster
Parr Mike
Patterson Henry
Pence Bud
Pence Donnie
Perry Joab
Peyton Unknown
Philips Edward
Pool David
Pool John
Porter Henry
Potts Levi
Pringle John
Privin Hence
Privin Lafe
Quantrill William Clarke
Rains John
Reed James
Rennick Chat
Reynolds William
Rice Ben
Ridings William
Roberts Boaz
Robinson George
Robinson Gooly
Rodes William
Rollen Jasper
Rollen Unknown
Ross John
Runnels William
Rupe Dock
Rupe John
Saunders Charles
Schull Boon
Scott Al
Scott Fernando
Shepherd Frank
Shepherd George
Shepherd Martin
Shepherd Oliver
Shores Stephen
Simmons Young
Simonds Unknown
Skaggs Larkin
Smith Perry
Smoot Archibald
Sorrels Thomas
Southerland Zack
Stewart Charles
Stewart William
Stone William
Stuart William
Swisby Oscar
Talcott Parter
Talley George
Talley Thomas
Tarkington William
Taylor Charles
Taylor Fletch
Thompson James
Thompson Oliver
Thrailkill John
Tigue Nat
Todd George
Todd Robert
Todd Thomas
Toler Unknown
Tolliver Anson
Tomlinson Clarence
Toothman William
Traver Zach
Trow Harrison
Tucker James
Tucker William
Tuckett Thomas
Vandiver Louis
Vaughan Joe
Vaughn Dan
Venable Randolph
Wade David
Walker Andrew
Ward Robert
Warren John
Wayman Luther
Wayman Matt
Webb George
Webb Pres
Webster John
Webster Noah
Welby James
Welch Warren
West Richard
Whitsett Sim
Wigginton George
Wilcox Lawrence
Wilkenson James
Will Jack
Williams Dan
Williams Henry
Williams Jack
Williams Jim
Wilson John
Winchester William
Wood Bennett
Wood Hop
Woodruff Silas
Woodward William
Wyatt Al
Wyatt Cave
Yager Richard
Young Joseph
Younger Coleman
Younger James

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