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Birthdate Spectrum Overlaps
Roger Allan shows us how to extract really useful information from the dates we probably already know!
January/February 1998
Brides Index Project, The
Robert W. Marlin's article in Family Chronicle "Where Have All the Ladies Gone" has resulted in the start of a major indexing project.
The Family Chronicle Collection
Dating Old Photographs
A photographic guide to the fashions and photography techniques of the 19th century, to help you identify your old photographs.
The Family Chronicle Collection
Dating Photographs
Our special supplement includes 111 historical photographs with 350 subjects for you to compare to your own, undated pictures.
May/June 1998
Finding Your Ancestral Home Using Maps
Robert W. Marlin shows us how useful maps can be when tracing your roots.
July/August 1998
Following Your Paper Trail
In an extract from his book My Sixteen, Robert W. Marlin tells us how to trace the written records concerning our ancestors.
September/October 1997
Hiring a Researcher
A guide to finding and hiring a professional researcher when you're at a loss, too far away or too busy.
The Family Chronicle Collection
In the Very Beginning
A step-by-step guide for the absolute beginner.
September/October 1997
Overcoming Brick Walls
Several professional and experienced amateur genealogists describe how they overcame seemingly impossible problems.
January/February 1998
Primary Sources
A guide to extracting the maximum amount of information from these all-important genealogical resources.
May/June 1997
& The Family Chronicle Collection
Reading Old Script
How to decode your ancestors' apparently illegible handwriting, either word by word or letter by letter.
The Family Chronicle Collection
Rural Genealogist, The
John Coldwell lives on a lighthouse with no proper phone and mail only once or twice a month - but still manages to pursue his hobby.
January/February 1998
Search for Henley Chapman, The
How Donna Tyler Hollie set about tracing her enslaved ancestors.
November/December 1997
Start With Yourself
Robert W. Marlin tells us the importance of finding vital records, starting with your own.
September/October 1998
Top Ten Research Tips
The Top Ten Tips for researching your family tree.
The Family Chronicle Collection
Twelve things to do NOW for future generations
Are we doing our part for our descendants?
July/August 1997
& The Family Chronicle Collection
Where Have All the Ladies Gone?
Robert W. Marlin gives us some clues to help trace our female ancestors.
November/December 1997

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