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Family Chronicle is surveying experienced websurfers to determine which of the web's 1,300+ genealogy sites are not to be missed. We're particularly interested in discovering "hidden gems" -- little-known sites with a lot to offer.

NOTE: Votes for less than five sites will be disregarded, as we are attempting to create a true reflection of experienced online genealogists' favorite sites. We do not accept votes for our own site.

Sites are listed by number of votes, so a site which solicits votes well may be listed above a site of broader usefulness. Here are the current contenders (from first to last -- ties listed in alphabetical order):

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet: This is probably the most popular genealogy index on the web. Cyndi's site features over 16,800 links, categorized and cross-referenced, in over 60 categories, and is updated with impressive frequency.
US GenWeb: This site serves as the entrance to the massive US GenWeb project, wherein volunteers across the US maintain linked websites about their states and counties. This page contains information about the project and links to state-level GenWeb sites.
RAND Genealogy Club: This site supports the Roots Location List, Roots Surname List and a Soundex converter, as well as many links organized either by type or by regional, ethnic or religious groupings.
Rootsweb: The website of the genealogical data co-operative offers several different services to the genealogical community, including web-page hosting, search indexes and registries. This site tries to offer links to actual information, not just links to links.
Helm's Genealogy Toolbox: An attractive site with links to several tools of use to genealogists, including various guides and indexes, area-specific information and data on associations of interest to genealogists.
Family Tree Maker Online: The only commercial site to make it into our top ten, the FTM site offers an extensive "how-to" guide, a genealogy mall, the 115-million-name Family Finder index, message boards, a biography assistant and more.
GENDEX: In spite of its rather plain appearance, Gene Stark's Index of Names for all Gen Web Sites is loved by many genealogists. Data on over two million individuals, collected from hundreds of webpages, can be viewed on this single site.
Genealogy Is My Hobby: A great site to visit when you're doing genealogy late at night and in danger of falling asleep. Lots of bright colors, lots of enthusiasm and lots of webmaster Pam Middleton-Lee's favorite links.
Lacy Family Homepage: This site provides family lineages, historical files, graphics and many other items of interest to Lacys and Laceys. The Genealogy Gateway and the Bookmarks will be of interest to a broader range of visitors.
Ancestry & Social Security Death Index: Ancestry Hometown features an online database library, advice columns and Julianna's links page.

  1. Genealogy's Most Wanted
  2. Olive Tree Genealogy Homepage
  3. Robert Bickham Family Genealogy
  4. Kaite's Korner
  5. Barrel of Links
  6. Everton's Genealogical Helper
  7. Genealogical Journeys in Time
  8. Harrison Genealogy Repository
  9. Treasure Maps: The How-to Genealogy Site
  10. Journal of Online Genealogy
  11. Virginia Library
  12. Genealogy SF
  13. Sharyn's Genealogy Home Page
  14. Genealogy Is...
  15. Janyce's Root Diggin' Department
  16. GenServ
  17. UK & Ireland Genealogy Page
  18. German Genealogy
  19. GenWeb Ohio
  20. AltaVista
  21. Switchboard
  22. Coshocton Page
  23. Mayflower Home Page
  24. National Genealogical Society
  25. Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid
  26. Ron's Genealogy Tangent
  27. WorldGenWeb
  28. Webcrawler
  29. Gathering of the Clans
  30. Gwen's Skeleton Closet
  31. Hoosier Lines
  32. IIGS and Links to Sites with Searchable Databases
  33. John Holwell's Canadian Genealogy Sites
  34. Kraig Ruckel's Palatinate & Pennsylvania-Dutch Genealogy
  35. Lawrence County Ohio Page
  36. US Surname Distribution Maps
  37. Lineages Home Page
  38. Lineages and Surnames (Yahoo!)
  39. FEEFHS
  40. Genealogy Records Service
  41. Karen Basile's Genealogy Software Site
  42. Public Record Office
  43. Traveller Southern Families
  44. Cajun Clickers Genealogy SIG
  45. Genealogy Services Online
  46. Dayna's Southern Genealogy Page
  47. Donna Speer Ristenbatt Genealogy
  48. Four11 Directory Services
  49. JewishGen: The Official Home of Jewish Genealogy
  50. Genforum
  51. Lycos Search Engine
  52. National Archives of Canada
  53. Yates Publishing's Computerized Ancestor
  54. British Columbia Cemetery Finding Aid
  55. Denis Beauregard Genealogy Page
  56. Genealogy Exchange and Surname Registry
  57. Moneymaker Family Tree & Ancestral Findings
  58. OMII Genealogy Project & Kidron Heritage Center
  59. Oral History Questions
  60. PIE Italian Genealogy
  61. Quaker Corner
  62. Royal Lines
  63. The Seeker
  64. Your Williams Home Page
  65. Bridgette's Genealogy
  66. Genealogist's Index to the WWW
  67. Genealogy Helplist
  68. Harvey Genealogist
  69. Kentucky Vital Records Index
  70. MapQuest
  71. Native American Genealogy
  72. Norway 1801 Census
  73. Online Genealogical Database Index
  74. Scottish Roots - Ancestral Research Services
  75. Surname Web
  76. Ancestors of Carol Ann Fox
  77. Appleton's
  78. Ask Jeeves
  79. Bob Anderson's Page
  80. Bob Neimeier's Page
  81. Bureau of Land Management
  82. Canada411
  83. Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base
  84. Christine's Genealogy Website
  85. Cook Memorial Public Library's Online Genealogy Resources
  86. Frequently Occurring Names in America
  87. GNIS Online Database Query Form (Maps)
  88. Hood County Texas Genealogical Society
  89. Kemp Family Association
  90. Link-o-mania
  91. Louisiana GenWeb
  92. Parker Barrington's NS Research Page
  93. Roberts page
  94. Saxony Genealogy
  95. Texas State Archives
  96. Traveller Cousin Finder
  97. Virginia GenWeb
  98. World Family Tree Submitter List
  99. Yukon, Pan-for-Gold
  100. Afrigeneas
  101. Alabama Department of Archives and History
  102. All-In-One Search Page
  103. Archiving America's The Town Crier
  104. Arduini and Pizzo: Italian Roots
  105. Anna Joan Buxton - Genealogy
  106. Blount County, Alabama Genealogy
  107. British Columbia History Page
  108. Canadian Books of Rememberance
  109. Cindy's Southern Genealogy
  110. Clearhouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides
  111. County Outline Map Center at University of Texas
  112. Czech Ancestor Club
  113. Darlene's Genealogy Page
  114. Dick Bowyer's Genealogy & Medicine Resource Page
  115. Directory of Virginia Repositories
  116. Directory of Royal Genealogical Data
  117. Edward Kenneth Lincoln's Genealogy Search Page
  118. Esquesing Historical Society Collection
  119. Family Genealogy - A Passage in Time
  120. Family Treasure Time
  121. GCRA
  122. Genealogical Research in Ireland
  123. Genealogical Websites of Societies and CIGS - Home Page
  124. Genealogy and Family History in Illinois
  125. Genealogy of the US Presidents
  126. Harrier Family Genealogical Data
  127. Heritage Trails Genealogy
  128. Indiana Genealogy
  129. Irene's Genealogy Web Page
  130. Kindred Konnections
  131. Jerry Gilliam's Home Page
  132. Johan I. Borgos' Home Page
  133. Johnson Page
  134. Kelly Clann in Ireland
  135. Ken Gunn's Home Page
  136. Kerchner Genealogy Page
  137. Kuhn's in America
  138. Lareau Web Parlour Genealogy Page
  139. The London and Middlesex Historical Society
  140. Lone Star Junction: A Texas Almanac
  141. Mabry Home Page
  142. Maine State Archives Search Room
  143. Odessa
  144. Paddy Waldron's relations
  145. Park Genealogical Books
  146. Peggy's Genealogy On Over 50 Surnames
  147. Pennsylvania CENCAP Project: Dauphin County
  148. Roots to Norway
  149. Seering Family Genealogical Data
  150. Sharon Herrington's Genealogy Page
  151. Shealtiel Family
  152. Skien Genealogical Page
  153. Sons of Norway
  154. Southern New Mexico Genealogical Society
  155. SpanSoft Home Page
  156. Stout Family History Page
  157. Medieval Scandinavia
  158. Torrione Castle
  159. Tribes, Clans and Families
  160. Ultimate Family Tree
  161. Waldron page
  162. WW-Person
Anyone who has been using the web for genealogy for over a month or who has visited over 30 genealogy sites is invited to e-mail us YOUR top ten picks!

NOTE: Votes for less than five sites will be disregarded, as we are attempting to create a true reflection of experienced online genealogists' favorite sites. We do not accept votes for our own site.

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